Our Mission

Teaching Parents with and children valuable life skills to help them understand how the choices they make affect their bodies and mental wellbeing by creating healthier habits in food and fitness together as a family. This produces family members whom are connected as a family, motivated at home, school, and work even with limited resources. Those with limited resources we will work to provide food opportunities with real nutritional values along with nutritional supplements to help fill the initial gaps.

Our Goals

Goals are to provide organic canned foods to schools and food banks for optimal nutritional benefits because the alternative with other programs providing processed foods rich in fillers, dyes, colors and fillers and poor on nutrition is feeding their stomachs but not their bodies.

We educate children and parents on how to make healthier choices in food and fitness together as a family while having fun. This is done through our after school programs, online information and our TV series program Family Flavors with Kid Kulinaire (in development). Our experience has led us to giving parents the tools to lead by example in and out of the home.

Our programs include “teaching the teacher” concepts for parents, giving credence that will secure effective healthier habits for the entire family that will last a lifetime.


Discover: Celebrity Chef Brian

Chef Brian has dedicated over 30 years to the culinary arts and over 14 years to helping children by teaching, providing and promoting healthier choices in food, fitness and fun through his unique  approach to the culinary arts, martial arts, fitness. He includes the parents as part of the process through a leading by example process combining the information of food and fitness as a medium for communication between parent and child all while having fun together as a family.

Chef Brian is the Family Outreach advisor for USA Dojo“, and featured on “Martial Arts & Action Entertainment“. These are the Top Martial Arts Website in the world.

Chef Brian is the creator of Kid Kulinaire, a program designed specifically to combat the global childhood obesity epidemic. He was born in Poughkeepsie, New York, and currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.

Words From Our Chef

I have a passion for nutrition, fitness, martial arts and teaching children lead him to combine my passions into the “Kid Kulinaire” program, an effort to give parents and guardians the information and methodology needed to teach their children healthy cooking and eating habits in an atmosphere that is enjoyable for both.

I’m honored and privileged to have a long and fruitful career in culinary arts which began when I was only 14 at Coppola’s, an Italian restaurant in Hyde Park, New York. While in high school (F.D. Roosevelt), I attended the B.O.C.E.S. culinary program. I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park, NY) in 1990. This earned me a wonderful opportunity to work for companies such as Walt Disney World, Hyatt, Brio Millenia & Bonvie (BDI), AVI (Kenyon College) and COSI Children’s Museum, to name a few. I also have my own restaurant/food service consulting group.

I am dedicated to martial arts and studied to become an internationally ranked master in Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Chinese Kenpo, Reiki in addition to Capoeira. My passion has lead me to become a master level member of the Black Dragon Fighting Society and allowed me to be inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame twice, once in 2002 for my “Dedication to the Arts” and then again in 2003 as the “International Martial Artist of the Year.”

I have been thankful for every opportunity that I have been given. This is why I started Healthier Choices for a Hungry Child.

Chef Brian D. Robinson
Healthier Choices For A Hungry Child


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